“Oh my God. I cannot tell you how much I love my video. From the introduction all the way to the end, it exceeded all my expectations. And I am extremely picky. I can’t believe you got all those shots…and the way you put it all together. Most people just take some footage, throw it together with some music and effects, and call it a film. I have a background in acting and have co-produced a film with star talent, and I’m telling you, you belong in Hollywood.”Elizabeth Weber

“Thank you so much for being a part of my wedding. You are part of the family now.”Jaime Hansen

"When guests come over to my house, they set the pictures on the table and ask me to start the wedding video." Frank DeBernardo


  • "Awesome! MUCH MUCH better than any of my friends wedding videos! Needless to say, I will Highly recommend you!
    Cami and I both thought this was a great video that captured everything we wanted to have!"

    Gonzalo Hererra

    "Since Alvin is a video enthusiast, it was important for the wedding to have premiere videography coverage. From Michael's list of available digital equipment and editing techniques, Alvin was thoroughly impressed. In addition, his sample videos then confirmed what was already known; great video of great events.” (quote taken from Alvin and Genny’s wedding website) http://alvinandgennyswedding.com/services.htm)"

    Alvin and Genny Desuasido


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